Unraveling Fairy Tales

              Learning to Live Happily Ever After

Living happily ever after isn’t reserved for fairy tales or the afterlife.
It’s for us—today!

God wants us to live abundant, productive, and happy lives. Yet, it’s not always easy when we live in an imperfect, sin-ravaged world. How is happily ever after possible?

In this 10-session study, you’ll learn God’s how-to answers. Through Bible stories, spiritual principles and insights, and personal examples, Unraveling Fairy Tales will guide you down the path to everlasting happiness.

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Hi! I’m Kim.
I’m a late bloomer to this writing gig, and it’s truly a dream come true. Prior to this, I originated mortgage loans. Now I shuffle words instead of numbers and get to be even more creative—unless I’m writing nonfiction, of course. But even then, truthful stories deserve to be told in entertaining ways. 

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