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Ten Little Chickens Photography by Renee Clasen

Hi! I’m Kim. I’m a late bloomer to this writing gig, and it’s truly a dream come true. Prior to this, I originated mortgage loans. Now I shuffle words instead of numbers and get to be even more creative. Unless I’m writing nonfiction, of course. But even then, truthful stories deserve to be told in creative and entertaining ways.

Since beginning this journey ten years ago, I’ve explored various writing forms and genres. From fiction to Bible study, poetry to short story, essay to children’s books—I love them all!

When I’m not writing, you may find me playing in my garden. I’m a nurturer at heart and find inspiration in God’s creation. I collect flower and vegetable seeds in the fall to plant the following spring. I’m frugal and a homebody, so not having to go any farther than my garden for food excites me. But not as much as spending time with friends and family.

God has blessed me with an amazing husband: Chuck. He’s my best friend of 25 years and the love of my life (after Jesus, of course). God has also blessed me with two wonderful sons, Jordan and Jesse. And two remarkable stepchildren, Chris and Cindy, who were adults when Chuck and I married. They and their spouses have since blessed us with twelve precious grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Before all this, God blessed me with a brother, three sisters, and two loving parents.

I am grateful for my many blessings, but life isn’t always easy. If it were, I’d have less to write about. So, with a half century behind me, my writing runs wide and often meanders. But the currents of faith, family,and good-natured fun help keep me afloat.  

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